Thanksgiving 2019

Family Thanksgiving in Tennessee (4)

This Thanksgiving was spent in Tennessee with Andrew ‘s family. This was our first road trip as a family of three and Gabby’s first Thanksgiving! We try to spend Thanksgiving with the Bolin side every year, but last year with being pregnant and moving into our new home, it just wasn’t possible. It was a very special yet hard year. We welcomed a few new members to the family since the last time we had all been together, but we also lost one very dear to us all—Andrew’s grandfather. The patriarch and center of our family went to be with Jesus just a few weeks prior. He was so excited and ready to meet Jesus, but of course, not having him there this year, was still hard on all of us.

We chose to focus on the blessings God has given us this year! There sure were many! In March, we welcomed Gabby, in May, Andrew’s younger sister, Amber, got married, and in September, Andrew’s older brother, Van, and his wife welcomed their second child, Trey! Plus, Andrew’s youngest brother, Nathan who is in the Marines, was able to be with us this year! There was so much to be thankful for!

Every year, my main goal is to rally all the Bolins (who are not big on photos) and get a decent family portrait! Let’s just say it’s always a fun challenge. Like when Andrew’s dad said he was wearing a striped shirt, plaid pants, white shoes, and argyle socks! Oh yes, the Bolins’ humor. There is never a dull moment. With two more babies this year, it took a bit more effort, but we got one good family portrait! It’s all I can ask for!

But this year, photos were also much easier because I feel like I have gained an ally on the photography side! We’re so grateful to now have Curtis as a part of the family! He is not only a great guy and makes our dearly love Amber so happy, but he has photography skills, too! He has a natural eye and pays attention to details! I so appreciate this, as you can imagine. It’s so nice to have someone in the family to pass my camera to and get a great photo of Andrew and I. Plus, I didn’t have to even ask him, he offered! Thank you so much Curtis! I appreciate you! So happy to have you as a part of the family, and thank you for making Amber so happy!

During this trip, Gabby was 36 weeks old (8-months) and gabbing a lot! Some of my favorite moments were watching her with her cousins! She hadn’t really met any of them, just her older cousin, Emmy. But that was when she was only 2 months old. She would light up, smile, talk and reach for them every time she saw them! It was unbelievably sweet! When she was with Emmy it was my favorite. They both would gently hold each other, and Emmy would kiss Gabby. I didn’t think Gabby was old enough to react this way to family she isn’t around much, but right from the beginning she was laughing and smiling with everyone!

It was definitely a sweet trip, one we won’t ever forget! Here are a few highlights from the trip!

Family Thanksgiving in Tennessee (1) I wanted to see some foliage on this trip and we did! On the way, in North Georgia there was some pretty colors! Family Thanksgiving in Tennessee (2)Thanksgiving Day Family Thanksgiving in Tennessee (7) Family Thanksgiving in Tennessee (3) Family Thanksgiving in Tennessee (6)Our sweet girl’s first Thanksgiving.Family Thanksgiving in Tennessee (8) Family Thanksgiving in Tennessee (10) Cousin love with baby Trey and Emmy! Family Thanksgiving in Tennessee (11) Family Thanksgiving in Tennessee (12)Family Thanksgiving in Tennessee (5)Family Thanksgiving in Tennessee (13) Curtis and AmberFamily Thanksgiving in Tennessee (17) Family Thanksgiving in Tennessee (18) Trey and EmmyFamily Thanksgiving in Tennessee (19) Sweetness Family Thanksgiving in Tennessee (20) Andrew’s older brother Van with his beautiful familyFamily Thanksgiving in Tennessee (21)Family Thanksgiving in Tennessee (15) Family Thanksgiving in Tennessee (14)Thanks for capturing this family photo Curtis! Love it!Family Thanksgiving in Tennessee (16) The original four: Van, Nathan, Amber & AndrewFamily Thanksgiving in Tennessee (23) Mimi and TreyFamily Thanksgiving in Tennessee (24)Papa with his angelsFamily Thanksgiving in Tennessee (22) Three generations Family Thanksgiving in Tennessee (25) Family Thanksgiving in Tennessee (26) All the handsome men.Family Thanksgiving in Tennessee (27) The girls.
Family Thanksgiving in Tennessee (29) The whole Bolin family! Family Thanksgiving in Tennessee (30)

Family photo from two years ago:

Thanksgiving in Ohio 2017

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