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Dreamy Rustic WeddingDreamy Rustic WeddingOh my goodness. My wedding day could not have happened without Crystal and Andrew. She spent so much time and effort on us that by the time of the wedding, she felt like another guest! She would call me and email me immediately. You could clearly tell she was incredibly passionate and she loves what she does. She helped us so much that it was almost as if she doubled as our wedding planner. Even with the slight challenge of my husband being 6’9″ and myself being 5’4″ she not only made it work but had fun with it as well and thank goodness for her creativity! I’m so lucky to have found her. Thank you a million times over for making our day so incredible!

With love, Tristan and Kristine

Garden Croquet Wedding in West Palm Beach, Florida (76)West Palm Beach Wedding I cannot thank Crystal enough for being part of Tio and I’s special day. Crystal and Andrew’s work is nothing but magical. I was so excited when we got our photos back from them. Tio and I were so surprised because they captured pictures of flowers and moments that we totally missed! I was very impressed with how easy they are to work with. I HATE having my picture taken and it makes me grumpy. Crystal and Andrew were total professionals about it and when they knew I had enough, they moved on.

Besides being fantastic photographers, Crystal and Andrew are just good people, who are determined to help make your day fantastic. They go way above and beyond the call of duty. These two are awesome and I’m so thankful that we had them!!

I can’t wait to work with them both again!!

Danielle + John | Crystal Bolin Photography | | Palm Beach Wedding Photographer

IDanielle + John | Crystal Bolin Photography | | Palm Beach Wedding Photographerf you hire Crystal Bolin as your photographer, then expect magic. If, during your wedding, you laughed with family and friends, expect to laugh again while viewing your photos. If you cried, expect to cry. If you smiled, prepare to smile. Picking our favorite photo was as easy as picking our favorite moment, for every single photo perfectly captured the mood of that particular instant, along with being visually stunning.

Crystal and her husband, Andrew, are true artists, and exude the highest caliber of professionalism. We can’t recommend them enough!

Thank you both so much!

Crystal Bolin Photography | Hana + Matt | Palm Beach Wedding Photographer

Crystal Bolin Photography | Hana + Matt

We can’t say enough good things about Crystal and Andrew! After seeing the beautiful and memorable moments they captured from our engagement session, we knew they would be the perfect photographers to capture our wedding day. The weeks leading up to the wedding, Crystal reassured us she was ready to document every single moment by asking us questions our wedding coordinator hadn’t even asked us. She helped us think about every detail and even came prepared on the big day with a Command hook to hang my dress in the hotel for some gorgeous shots.

Thank you Crystal and Andrew for being part of memories that will last a lifetime.

Why Hire Crystal Bolin Photography | Lindsey + Peter Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 2.57.29 PMCrystal and her (very special!) second shooter did an amazing job with my wedding! She was on time, courteous, worked closely and amicably with all my vendors, and the results were of course amazing. She captured the details of the day in all their glory and afforded us with a set of perfect memories of our marriage.

Also a quick story about the wonderful kind of person she is: Crystal was gracious enough to smile and nod when one of my not-so-sober wedding guests handed her his cheap point-and-shoot and asked her to take a picture of us. I was mortified and she was not fazed in the least. Hopefully you’ll have guests with more tact, but it’s worth sharing the story — she is a true professional and a kind soul!

Thank you again for everything, Crystal!

Why Hire Crystal Bolin Photography | Britt + Josh

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Every one of the hundred’s of photos taken for our wedding by Crystal and her husband, Andrew, were wonderful… every single one. There were literally thousands to choose from and each one was beautifully composed and had its own story to tell. If you had to ask my husband or I, to choose our favorite we couldn’t, because they were genuinely all fantastic and special in their own way (even the candid’s.) Beyond the highquality photos, Crystal was just a delight to work with (and I’m not just saying that because we’re both Red Sox fans). We met months before the wedding to discuss how I wanted it to go and the questions Crystal asked were extremely detailed, which I certainly appreciated having no experience planning such an event. What I’m thankful for the most is that, on the big day, Crystal’s presence made me feel at ease. She was always one step ahead of the game plan, knowing exactly where she needed to be at the exact right time. I never felt worried about making sure Crystal was there to capture a fleeting moment in time. She somehow, like magic, appeared just in time to capture every magical moment that I wanted to remember for years to come.

I can’t recommend Crystal enough!

Why you should hire Crystal Bolin Photography | Alain + Hilary

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 2.57.19 PMHighly recommend having Crystal Bolin Photography capture your special day! The photos from my wedding are gorgeous and everything I dreamed they would be. I am being asked nonstop who did my photos for my wedding and it’s for good reason. You also get something most other photographers don’t offer which is a second shooter, so you are able to get all the different angles that you would not have received with just one photographer. Crystal and Andrew were beyond amazing to work with through out the whole day. They were both genuinely happy for us and really cared about making our day the best possible. Crystal was super organized and got every picture I wanted for my wedding day. Her work speaks for itself!

Love this duo and Crystal Bolin Photography!

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