Fall Pumpkin Baby Photos of our 7-Month-Old Little Pumpkin

Fall Pumpkin Baby Photos (1)

It’s pumpkin season and oh my gourd, our little pumpkin is already seven months old! How is time flying by so fast?! It’s been a while since our last update, so we figured it was time! Last year around this time we announced Gabby’s gender on a pumpkin. This year I naturally wanted to capture so many cute photos of her with all the pumpkins!

Since before Fall even began, I had this idea I wanted to do; Gabby inside a pumpkin!  Naturally, I spent an hour trying to carve the pumpkin just right. I had every anticipation of this ending horribly. I expected Gabby would hate it, but she DIDN’T. She had the opposite reaction! From the first moment we put her in the pumpkin, she sat in it as if it was her own new personal chair!

Gabby is generally perfectly content playing independently but loves attention and trying new things! She loves to stand assisted but is not a huge fan of playing on the floor. Throughout the day, when daddy is working, she will call, “Aaa,” while looking around areas of the house where daddy might be, looking for him! This week she has been saying, “Ma,” but only when crying, so I don’t know if that counts.

Growing Too Fast

She is growing right on track! At her 6-month appointment, she weighed exactly 16 pounds, putting her in the 48th percentile, and 27 inches long, putting her in the 89th percentile! We started her on cereal when she turned five months because she had been showing signs of interest for food. She loved it. Now she is eating solid food regularly. She has loved everything she has tried. Her main favorites are avocado, sweet potato, carrot and spilt pea soup!

She is still such a great sleeper (just like her mama. Okay, and papa!) She was sleeping 7-8 hours by 7 weeks old! We have followed the guidelines of the book “Baby Wise” and it has helped so much! It equipped us to handle those hard times during growth spurts/leaps when sleeping was harder. Now she is still sleeping through the night, generally 9-10 hours straight! We are SO grateful!

Since she is seven months old here are seven of our favorite things about her:

  1. Her gentle and calm spirit but has so much personality.
  2. She makes the funniest expressions and makes us laugh every day.
  3. She loves to talk, and her sweet little voice makes us smile all the time.
  4. When we get her a bottle, she gets SO excited! She starts kicking her legs and eagerly expressing how much she wants it!
  5. Her happy and joyful laugh!
  6. How good she sleeps!
  7. She is such a ham and LOVES the camera!!

We feel so blessed to have our little pumpkin in our lives! After a rough season, she is worth it all! Mommy and daddy love you so much, Gabby!

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The details that brought this session together:

Pumpkin: Publix

Green Bow: Dawley Mama Thread

Vinage Flower Bow: Amazon – A part of a pack and they are all so cute!

Wooden Letter Board: TJ Maxx

Outfit: AliExpress

Photography: Crystal Bolin

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