Boynton Women’s Club Wedding

Danielle and John have the sweetest hearts. They said ‘I do” on a warm Summer day at the Boynton Women’s Club in Boynton Beach, Florida. Danielle’s classic and elegant style came out in every detail. Details like her 1920’s inspired veil and gloves and all of the handmade decorations gave the day a a unique touch. However, one of my favorite details was one that could not be bought or designed. It was the way they looked at each other. John’s reaction when he first saw his bride was absolutely precious. He covered his mouth in awe and sweet tears gathered as Danielle walked down the isle. Danielle’s expressions throughout the day were priceless.  They giggled, laughed and shed a few sweet tears. This day was absolutely beautiful in every way.

Danielle and John, thank you for allowing us the honor of capturing your beautiful day!
Crystal Bolin Photography_0066Her stunning lace dress, delicate gloves and handmade 1920’s inspired veil complete her elegant look.
Crystal Bolin Photography_0068Crystal Bolin Photography_0072Crystal Bolin Photography_0067Sweet moments as Danielle’s mom helped her become a stunning bride.Crystal Bolin Photography_0086Crystal Bolin Photography_0084 Crystal Bolin Photography_0085Crystal Bolin Photography_0062Crystal Bolin Photography_0063Crystal Bolin Photography_0064Crystal Bolin Photography_0080Crystal Bolin Photography_0109Crystal Bolin Photography_0058The Boynton Women’s Club was an amazing venue. This venue was originally built in 1925 by Addison MiznerCrystal Bolin Photography_0070 Crystal Bolin Photography_0071John’s expressions as his bride approached him were so precious. Crystal Bolin Photography_0078Crystal Bolin Photography_0090 Crystal Bolin Photography_0124Crystal Bolin Photography_0123Crystal Bolin Photography_0079Crystal Bolin Photography_0089 Their personal vows brought laugher and tears.Crystal Bolin Photography_0125 Crystal Bolin Photography_0112Crystal Bolin Photography_0088Crystal Bolin Photography_0113Crystal Bolin Photography_0114Crystal Bolin Photography_0117Crystal Bolin Photography_0116Crystal Bolin Photography_0076Crystal Bolin Photography_0052Crystal Bolin Photography_0101Crystal Bolin Photography_0051Crystal Bolin Photography_0110Crystal Bolin Photography_0054Crystal Bolin Photography_0115Crystal Bolin Photography_0053Crystal Bolin Photography_0075Crystal Bolin Photography_0055Crystal Bolin Photography_0059Crystal Bolin Photography_0057Crystal Bolin Photography_0056Crystal Bolin Photography_0118Crystal Bolin Photography_0069First dance as husband and wife.Crystal Bolin Photography_0119Then it was time for the father/daughter dance.

Crystal Bolin Photography_0127Started out slow and then broke out into a mix of fun songs!

Crystal Bolin Photography_0129Crystal Bolin Photography_0130The conga line got this party started!Crystal Bolin Photography_0106Crystal Bolin Photography_0096Crystal Bolin Photography_0100Crystal Bolin Photography_0105Crystal Bolin Photography_0104Crystal Bolin Photography_0107Crystal Bolin Photography_0099Cake time! Crystal Bolin Photography_0093Crystal Bolin Photography_0094 Crystal Bolin Photography_0092Crystal Bolin Photography_0121

The creative team:

Venue: Boynton Women’s Club

Catering: Culinary Solutions

Florals: Creations by Blanca

DJ: Tony Tiger

Hair: Maria’s Hair Salon

Makeup: Berekti Desanges

Photography: Crystal Bolin Photography

Blog Music: “Everything” by Michael Bublé