Autumn Pregnancy Announcement | Baby Bolin Arriving March 2019

Autumn Pregnancy Announcement in West Palm Beach, FL (1)

Fall is in the air, and we have big news to share! In the Spring of 2019, we will be welcoming a new addition to our team! Our third little shooter is estimated to be joining us around March 29th, 2019! We are beyond excited to be welcoming our first little one! Fun fact: the due date is the day before our 6th wedding anniversary! We did not plan this! I am currently 18 weeks and we will be finding out the gender next week!! WE CANNOT WAIT!

As some of you know, this little one will be our rainbow baby. We shared on the blog back in  2017 the reason we finally took our dream trip to Italy. We had miscarried our first baby in December of 2016 and decided it was time to get away on a dream adventure! It was the best thing we could have done! After one of the roughest seasons of our lives, this was the sweetest time. We are still so grateful we took that time for us. Now we have a new adventure  in sight, and we know this one will be the best yet!

This pregnancy hasn’t been easy. Aside from being extremely sick at the beginning, and a bit still, we have had to work through fears and emotions that seem to sneak in from time to time. The one thing that has helped us feel at peace is Jesus. We have been praying for this little one since before conception. Nightly prayers have been our strength!

Having a baby after a miscarriage definitely steals away the innocence and some of the joy. At the beginning, I remember feeling guilty for not feeling as excited as I felt I should be. It was hard. There are so many unknowns and fears. Like the time my midwife couldn’t find the heartbeat for over 10 minutes. Or when the ultrasound technician took way too long staring at the screen and not saying, “Everything looks good,” right away. During both moments, I felt so fearful. But I knew God had this little one in his hands from the beginning. Andrew and I made it a point at the beginning that we would be excited and joyful for this blessing, no matter how much time we had with him or her. That simple change in mindset helped us feel at peace.

It’s been a wonderful yet crazy season. A lot happened all at once. We found our first home just a week after we found out we were pregnant! We closed on our home just a month later! Even though this was our fourth move in the past five years, it was the hardest because I was pregnant. We are still unpacking and fixing up our new home, but we could not feel any more blessed for what the Lord has done. God is good, even when times are crazy and uncertain. And His timing is always perfect.

We announced our pregnancy on social media a few weeks ago and wanted to announce it on the blog sooner, but life is really busy these days! We are also in our business’s busiest time of the year! Through all the craziness, the Lord is so faithful. He is probably just preparing us for our new normal pace of life! 😉

We know things will be different, but we cannot wait! We ask that you keep us in your prayers! Our hope is that this little one feels and knows the love of Jesus! Thank you for supporting us and being a part of our family! Here are our favorite photos from our Autumn pregnancy announcement photo-shoot! A special thank you to my dear friend, Brooke Carter, for capturing these maternity photos for us!

Autumn Pregnancy Announcement in West Palm Beach, FL (11)Our sweet friends and now neighbors, the Carters came over to our home to capture these for us! Autumn Pregnancy Announcement in West Palm Beach, FL (5) These were taken in our back yard!! I’m loving the lighting and trees in my own yard! Autumn Pregnancy Announcement in West Palm Beach, FL (3) These were taken just before I was 15 weeks when I had just popped! Autumn Pregnancy Announcement in West Palm Beach, FL (9) Autumn Pregnancy Announcement in West Palm Beach, FL (4) Autumn Pregnancy Announcement in West Palm Beach, FL (8) Autumn Pregnancy Announcement in West Palm Beach, FL (10)Autumn Pregnancy Announcement in West Palm Beach, FL (7) We just cannot wait to welcome our little pumpkin home. Autumn Pregnancy Announcement in West Palm Beach, FL (2)

Maternity Leave:

We have never been so grateful to own a business that allows us the flexibly we sometimes need in life! We will still be capturing weddings and portraits like normal, but we will be taking some time off for Maternity leave. Maternity leave for weddings will be from mid-February until June. Portrait sessions will most likely be from early March till mid May. Inquiries are always welcomed and can be submitted through our Contact tab!

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